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Riko Rikishvili - singer & bombarde. Dato Gradnahze - guitar. Maxim Lewchenko - bass.

Pyotr Sapniskhi - drums. Ridinski - Guitar of many strings

Siluria - dancing and singing.

Gamarjoba Megarebi!

Welcome my friends to the wonderful and exciting world of Rogora Khart.

With our bizarre blend of frenzied, break neck punk, we make for you an entertainment explosion of joyous musical and visual delight.

Influenced by Eastern European music, and brought together, as a group, by the compelling desire to entertain audiences.

Rogora Khart present a show of original songs sung in Georgian, German, English, Welsh and Russian, which are simple and celebrate the joys of life. We also play Eastern influenced, upbeat dance tunes, which are enjoyed by the audience and danced to, by the group's talented dancer, Siluria

Rogora Khart give memorable, bold, crowd pleasing, theatrical performances, which leave people smiling - and this makes us happy and is our reason for being.

Sasiamovnoa tkveni gatsnoba, it's nice to get to know you.


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