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Welcome komrades to the wonderful and exotic world of Rogora Khart.

Please navigate through our site, get to know us and join us in our

mission to bring extravagant music, joy and fun to you all !

From Newportograd with love...

What the people are saying....

The Big Splash - Newport 2014

Rogora Khart should be headlining the Millennium Stadium...,
Not the Riverside Theatre in Zooport. Fantastic, crazy,
deeply amusing Eastern European-influenced punky folky rock'n'roll...
with a beautiful bonkers dancer who makes Bez look like Nick Clegg...
and delivered with an off the scale energy that makes the Sex Pistols look like Kraftwerk.
Imagine the Pogues fronted by Dracula. Rogora Khart are UKIP's worst nightmare.
For no other reason than that, see this wonderful band NOW!


Brecon Jazz 2013

Managed to catch this bunch of looney-tunes at Brecon Jazz, and very glad I did!
They were certainly one of the most entertaining bands I saw; a perfect end the Festival.
Outrageous make-up and songs such as "Love Like Vodka",
"Humdigaro" and "Bettws Bhangra" were a full-frontal assault on all the senses!
Best laugh I've had in quite a while! Not to be missed!


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